At Blueprint Earth, we must be explorers, adventurers, and most critically, builders. Our blueprint must be tested in order to be a success, so we will be attempting to replicate our microenvironment in a controlled setting. This will take thoughtful design, innovation, and extensive trial. The potential applications of our work are significant, and therefore worth the effort. 


The natural resources industry has long held a reputation for damaging the natural world. At Blueprint Earth, we recognize the continued need for natural resources, and our method of cataloging and creating blueprints of an environment can be applied prior to commencement of a natural resources project. This will pave the way for a more accurate and successful remediation of the environment upon the project's completion, meeting companies' growing needs for corporate social responsibility.


Humanitarian efforts to rehabilitate areas subject to damage can be aided through the application of Blueprint Earth's methods. If an undamaged area exists, it may be cataloged and blueprinted, with the end blueprint used for rehabilitation of damaged areas.


It is only through the efforts of interested people like you that we will accomplish these goals. You can help us raise awareness, lend us your expertise, or donate directly to our work. Blueprint Earth's mission is bigger than any one person, just as our planet is.