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Blueprint The Future:

One Chance.

We are preserving Earth’s environments through scientific research and education. Our work catalogs unique ecosystems and provides hands-on experience for students. We are safeguarding knowledge of how our planet functions for future generations.


Our Work

We are cataloging all of the geology, biology, hydrology, and atmospheric conditions in a square kilometer of California’s Mojave Desert. Our goal is to understand how everything functions together, as a system - from the microbes to the clouds. Teams of student researchers are led by experienced scientists, working across fields to build a complete understanding of how the desert lives and breathes. Changing climate and human encroachment will alter this ecosystem forever. We can protect it, but first we must understand it.

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Our Impact

Our founders, Jess and Carlos Phoenix, believe that science should be accessible to everyone. We are entirely volunteer-run, which means that every donation we receive goes directly to providing real, hands-on scientific research opportunities to student scientists at no cost to them. Over five years, we have cataloged thousands of unique pieces of the Mojave Desert ecosystem. All of our data are available to the public for use in classrooms, conservation efforts, and research.




In our five years of operation, we have documented thousands of plants, animals, and rocks in our Mojave research area.



Women Researchers

54% of our researchers are people of color, and 60% come from low-income backgrounds. Science is for everyone.



In Value to Students

Field research camps are often too expensive for many students. Our opportunities are no-cost for all accepted.


Our Expeditions

Our research location is a remote square kilometer of the Mojave National Preserve in California. Small teams of students are supervised by experienced scientists in biology, geology, hydrology, and atmospheric science. Our expeditions run throughout the fall, winter, and spring months. We have occasional opportunities for non-scientists to join our expeditions to gain firsthand experience in environmental conservation research.


The Location

Our base camp is 4-wheel drive access only, and travel to our research area requires hiking several miles over rugged desert terrain. Researchers will carry their own water, food, sunscreen, and Blueprint Earth scientific equipment as needed.

What’s Included

Once accepted on an expedition, students are responsible for travel to a pre-arranged location in Los Angeles, California or Las Vegas, Nevada. From there, we arrange transportation, cover all meals, and provide camping and scientific equipment as needed.

The Experience

Students work in teams with training and supervision from experienced scientists. Opportunities include handling small mammals, identifying plants, collecting biological and geological samples, using Global Positioning System (GPS) devices, and more.

The Benefits

Students gain valuable field research experience for their academic and professional futures. In addition, opportunities to perform data analysis and attend scientific conferences are available to interested students who perform well in the field.


Desert In A Box

It’s sort of like saving your computer’s memory on an external hard drive in case it crashes. Except instead of ones and zeros, we’re talking about copies of the very stuff of nature.

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