Blueprint Earth CEO and volcanologist Jess Peláez is featured in the new Discovery Channel series, Trailblazers. We are thrilled to be part of the adventure and excitement that is field science.

For the new Trailblazers series on Discovery, Jess brings the awe and wonder of working on active volcanoes home. And to top it all off, she donated 100% of her compensation to Blueprint Earth.

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Trailblazers is an important opportunity to show the public how crucial field science really is. Having boots on the ground, even in difficult locations, can make or break a scientist’s work. The men and women who take on these challenges know how critical this knowledge is to our world.
— Jess Peláez, CEO of Blueprint Earth
Trailblazers Ecuador, L to R: Jeff, Shaun, & Jess. 

Trailblazers Ecuador, L to R: Jeff, Shaun, & Jess. 

Watch Trailblazers on the Discovery Channel (Fridays @ 10 Eastern / 9 Central)!